Strategic Thinking, 6th December Delhi NCR



Overview :

Strategic Thinking for Results was designed to address this reality – the new normal. The challenge is how to be both more agile and proactive when navigating in this environment. In Strategic Thinking for Results participants develop the mindset and skill set needed to strategically think through any situation they face at work or in life.

In this program participants will assess their current strategic thinking skills and develop a personal action plan to incorporate strategic thinking into their daily routines. Learning will happen while applying a powerful Strategic Thinking framework in which participants clarify and explore:

What really motivates themselves and others –

  • A compelling vision of the future
  • Current reality from many perspectives
  • Future pull and creative tension
  • Strategic pathways for the future
  • Environmental scanning habits of top-line strategic thinkers

Outcome :

  • More effectively visualize desired future states.
  • Understand the powerful linkage between desire and strategy development and selection.
  • Understand the negative impact of narrow input on good strategy.
  • Improve their ability to see and prioritize the complex interdependencies of key decisions.
  • Build habits of reading and listening that gather more diversity of thought.
  • Increase listening and data collecting skills with immediate colleagues and adjacent economic sectors
  • Strengthen their ability to notice – and question – their own assumptions about “the way things are.”
  • Utilize polarity management skills to realize value from both scientific thinking and intuition in good strategic decision making.
  • Verbalize and model to others the value of “intentional reflection time” in the crafting of wise strategy.
  • Generalise from ‘strategic thinking at work” to “strategic thinking in life.”

Who should attend :

Anyone who must make complex, high-impact decisions in the organisation will benefit from this workshop. Participants may include:

  • Managers, directors, high potentials, and senior leaders
  • Group, team, and project leaders
  • Individual contributors operating in an ambiguous or complex environment

Competencies addressed :

  • Leaders and individuals become strategically agile
  • Leaders and individuals become more forward-thinking in their everyday roles
  • Leaders and team members know how to better balance their time and attention between daily operational pressures and longer-term strategic initiatives.
  • Business units attain more alignment and traction for overarching strategies that drive bottom-line results.
  • There is better analysis of the longer-term impact of decisions and plans.
  • Individuals discover new sources of motivation and excitement in their work.
  • It creates a culture of innovation where individuals achieve strategic targets with greater success.


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